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Paper Triangles

Children's Menu 

£7.50 (Under 12's) 

Step 1: Choose your Main 
*Beef Bolognese
(with or without cheese) 
*Mac & Cheese (V)
*Popcorn Chicken 
*Vegetarian Sausages (V) 
z Beef Burger, Toasted small Brioche bun, tomato ketchup 
(with or with out cheese) 


Step 2: Choose Two Sides 
* Fries 
* New Potatoes 
* Spaghetti 
* Garlic Bread 
* Peas 
* Beans 
*Seasonal Vegetables 

Step 3: Choose your Drink 
* Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot 
* Orange Fruit Shoot 
* Squash 

* Small Orange Juice Carton 
* Small Apple Juice Carton 

Children's Desserts 
*Chocolate Brownie £3 
* Banoffee Sundae £3 
* Ice cream £2 

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